Self-praise stinks, so we prefer to let others talk about us; Of course only good things!

«… We all really enjoyed the tours with you both; Thank you again for the rather spontaneous planning and execution of our trip to Basel. I hope that we will meet again elsewhere. There would still be enough goals.”

–– Architekturforum Obersee, Rapperswil, CH

«… And a huge and heartfelt thank you to all of you again. The feedback from colleagues was very, very positive. What was particularly highlighted was your competence and comprehensive knowledge. Her architectural background and therefore the very detailed representation of the buildings, the backgrounds and design ideas were very well received. And also on a personal level: everyone felt comfortable. You enriched our excursion and made it something special. Thank you very much for that. Maybe we'll see each other again, in another city."

–– Katja Kretzschmar, Nething Architekten, Neu-Ulm, DE

«…We had a great architecture and anniversary trip and you, your team and the other guides contributed a large part to it. The tour on Friday had great projects, wasn't too dense and yet rich. In particular, thank you for your efforts at the University of Music and the LSO rehearsal house. The visits to these two projects were very worthwhile! »

–– Lilo Köhlmoos, Burckhardt+Partner Architects General Planner Basel Bern Geneva Lausanne Zurich Berlin Grenzach Stuttgart

«…I would like to thank you again for your thorough preparation, the response to your tour was very positive!»

–– Lotte Drevermann, City of Cologne, Department of Urban Development, Planning and Building, Cologne D

«…Thank you again for a well-organized tour that was very informative and received a lot of praise from the participants. I think we found the right selection of projects together. Even though the days were long and densely packed, I think everything worked well. The final lecture and tour were just right! Thank you also for the great restaurant tips!”

–– Michael Lommertz, NAL National Association of Norwegian Architects, Oslo NO

«...My colleague, Mr. Schwab, and of course the customers were very enthusiastic about your tour and the projects shown. I should thank you very much again. See you next time!”

–– Ulrike Schürmann, Sto AG, Sto Design Forum, Stühlingen D

«… Thank you very much again for the great architect tour last Friday. Our group was very enthusiastic about the tour and the impressions.”

–– Viktoria Kindl, Sky-Frame, Frauenfeld, CH